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Size: 5 lbs Small (36 x 50 in)

Inner weighted blanket:

  • GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • Certified lead-free glass bead filling.
  • Quilted patches for even distribution of weight.
  • Handwash ONLY.

Option to add lava rocks to your weighted blanket.

Duvet cover:

  • GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.
  • Mother of pearl buttons. 
  • Machine-washable duvet cover.

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We spoke to an expert on the matter and here's what we found out:

Occupational Therapist (OT), Ana do Valle's recommendation:

"For the average person, a weighted blanket should be 5-7% of their bodyweight. In cases of trauma, high stress or other conditions, 10% of their bodyweight is recommended because there is a need for more proprioception."

If 10% of your body weight is in between the weight sizes we offer, we recommend getting the lighter blanket.

Some people prefer a blanket that is heavier or lighter as each person's needs are unique. Those who struggle with sensory overload may crave a much heavier weight, for example. As Ana do Valle (OT) further explains:

"Some individuals (adults or children) feel comfortable and benefit from using heavier weighted blankets. They utilize the blanket for 10-15 min to down-regulate the nervous system. This can be at bed time or when taking "me time" during the day. In this case the blanket functions more so as a cocoon. It’s always helpful to consult with an occupational therapist when you have questions regarding the use of a weighted blanket as weight can vary from case to case. Most importantly, the individual needs to be able to choose the weight they feel comfortable with. The weight should not be an imposition but a choice based on comfort level."

Ana do Valle is a licensed OT in Boulder, CO. You can find more information about her work here

Tips to figuring out the best weight for you:

Case 1. If you're already sleeping with many blankets...

Try weighing all your blankets together to see what weight you like:

  1. Weigh yourself on a scale and note the number.
  2. Pick up your blankets, stand on the scale, and note the number.
  3. Calculate the difference between those numbers, and you’ll know the weight of the blankets.
  4. Once you've found the weight, decide if you’d like your weighted blanket to be heavier or if you're content with the weight you’re already using. 
  5. Choose a weighted blanket that best matches your height and preferred weight.

    Case 2. If you're not sure what amount of weight feels good on your body...

    1. If you have not yet tried sleeping under a pile of blankets, gather together as many as you can find, hop on a bed, and spread the blankets out over your body.
    2. Keep adding blankets (or towels, clothes, whatever you can find!) until you reach a weight you are happy with.
    3. Using the instructions in case 1, weigh out your blankets.
    4. Once you've found the weight, choose a weighted blanket that best matches your height and the weight you've settled on. 

    KEEP IN MIND: holding 20 pounds of weights in your hands feels a lot different than having a 20-pound blanket spread out over your body.

    blanket and tea

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    Customer Reviews

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    SO HAPPY all the family love it

    I have wanted a weighted blanket for a while so when I cam across these with the option of crystals inside (which I chose 3!!!), lovingly hand-made here in Bali with organic fabrics it was an easy yes for me.
    What I wasn't expecting was how much I LOVE it!!! Actually all the household loves it. It feels like a warm hug from the Earth and settles my system in minutes. My husband loves it too, as does my dog. Our dog is freaked out by thunder so i tried putting him under with me and its the first time he's fallen asleep in a thunder storm.
    So basically its a winner and Ive used it everyday since I got it. Thank you!!

    So glad you found Earth Blankets in Bali, Zapheria! ☺️
    Sweet that your pup & family have been benefitting as well! It's a wonderful resource to share with anyone needing some calming & grounding Appreciate your support!