Are you ready for deeper sleep?

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What are weighted blankets?

Our certified organic weighted blankets are filled with glass beads evenly distributed across a grid to apply Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) across your whole body. This calming pressure signals your nervous system to relax, like a big hug, bringing you into a rested state ready for sleep & relaxation!

Organic Plant Dyed Weighted Blankets

Earth Blankets are designed to apply specific pressure to the body that signals the nervous system to relax, promoting a sense of calm, deeper sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety. We recommend blankets that weigh 5-10% of the user's bodyweight.


Weighted Crystal Eye Masks

Our weighted eye masks are designed to help improve sleep by blocking out light to boost melatonin production by inducing deep pressure therapy on the eyes, signaling the nervous system to relax more deeply. If suffering from insomnia, headaches or migraines, weighted eye masks have been shown to help alleviate pain symptoms.


Crystal Blanket Upgrades

Upgrade your weighted blanket with an infusion of crystals or lava rocks for added healing benefits! We include 1-2 lbs of the crystal "pebbles" throughout the grid of your blanket that's filled with glass beads. This weight will be included in the total weight you select for your blanket. Each rock has its own special calming and healing qualities. Read more to discover them!


Why are Earth Blankets unique?

Our blankets are handmade with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, natural plant dyes and certified lead-free glass beads. We choose materials that are the safest and cleanest for the health and wellbeing of our customers and our planet.

 Rosa - Earth Blankets

The Eco Weighted Blanket

GOTS organic cotton, plant dyes & glass beads

Weighted blankets - Earth blankets increase sleep and mood regulating hormones

Ready for deeper sleep?

Increases sleep & mood regulating hormones

Weighted blankets - Earth blankets reduce sensory overload

Calm & self-regulation

Reduces sensory overload, ADHD & anxiety


Snuggle up

with your own Earth Blanket!


Occupational Therapist Accredited

Earth Blankets are designed under the guidance of a certified Occupational Therapist, Ana do Valle (OTR, SEP), to promote maximum healing benefits. Ana says:

"I have used and prescribed  weighted blankets for the past 30 years and I highly recommend Earth Blankets. The glass beads drape around your body, allowing for soothing contact with the skin. The nerve endings respond well to the cool feeling of the beads, as oftentimes children feel too hot using other blankets, but they like Earth Blankets! The patterns and fabrics chosen are soft and invite the body to regulate and be calm."

weighted blanket

How it works

The deep pressure provided by Earth Blankets triggers the release of neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin and dopamine, which are responsible for regulating your mood, sleep, and metabolism. Weighted blankets have been shown in several studies to reduce anxiety and stress, improve the quality and quantity of sleep, increase focus and embodiment and support sensory and other disorders.

Earth-conscious materials

Our company is committed to making products that are good for youandthe planet, which is why our blankets are made with only natural elements. Earth Blankets seek out the most sustainable materials out there from organic fibers, to plant dyes, to glass beads and plastic-free packaging. Our blankets come with a washable duvet cover to protect your weighted blanket and make it easier to clean.

Earth-conscious materials

Finding your match

We offer different sized blankets to match the needs of each unique individual. Choosing a blanket that is closest to your body size will ensure that you are getting the full benefits of your blanket's weight. We recommend using a blanket that is 5-7% of your bodyweight, unless there is a case of trauma or extreme sensory overload. In this case 10%  is recommended, as well as for those who prefer their blanket to be on the heavier side.

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