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"I have used and prescribed  weighted blankets for the past 30 years and I highly recommend Earth Blankets. The glass beads drape around your body, allowing for soothing contact with the skin. The nerve endings respond well to the cool feeling of the beads, as oftentimes children feel too hot using other blankets, but they like Earth Blankets! The patterns and fabrics chosen are soft and invite the body to regulate and be calm."

Ana do Valle, Occupational Therapist, SEP & Anthroposophical Counselor

Soma Healing Center 


"What first drew me to this blanket was its conscious sourcing. I love the prints. And I love the way my nervous system sinks layers deeper into rest when I use it. I like to use the blanket at the end of a long day, when my energy is swirling. It grounds me and helps me to sleep more easily. For that, alone, it’s worth the investment."

Robin Athey, M.A. Somatic Coach 

Integral Growth


"I've been using my blanket regularly and I love it. It feels well-made and is aesthetically pleasing. I use it when feeling anxious or restless, or just to relax in the evenings while reading. It's lovely and I associate it with calm, happy feelings."

Cody Jackson, M.A. Psychotherapy

Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Play Therapist  


"My Earth Blanket gives me feedback from the outer perimeter of my being and hence brings me back to myself quite quickly. It ushers in a deeper and deeper calm and sense of peace."

Lorraine Fairmont, Certified Nurse Practitioner


I love my Earth Blanket. It always creates a deep sense of nostalgia – the kind that is warm and cozy around a fire with loved ones, a delicious meal being made, warm light, sweet laughter and songs being sung. I feel held and grounded wrapped in my blanket. And the tie-dye design is just as dreamy and beautiful. My blanket feels like a gift to my inner child; a blanket I’ve always wished for.

Faridah Ndiaye, 24 year-old woman


"I highly recommend to all my loved ones to use the weighted blankets. They are very soothing and calming to my nervous system. It feels like being very protected and allows for a deeper rest and meditation.  I love using it after a long tiring day, because it helps me relax."

L. U., 60 year-old woman (Struggles with Restless Leg Syndrome)


"Our 6 year-old son has greatly benefitted from his Earth Blanket. It really helps him settle down to sleep at night and he uses it every night! We also appreciate that it is made from all natural materials."

Margaret W., Mother of four children 


“The Earth Blanket is so calming. One of the best things I have ever spent money on!” 

S.F., 19 year-old woman (Struggles with anxiety)


“Using the weighted blanket is a great way to calm my nerves. Sleep has never been better.”

K. F., 68 year-old man, Men's Counselor 


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