Frequently Asked Questions

Which blanket weight should I choose?

We recommend using an Earth Blanket that is on average 7-10% of the intended user's body weight. However, some people prefer a blanket that is heavier or lighter as each person's needs are unique. Those who struggle with sensory integration may crave a much heavier weight, for example. If 10% of your body weight is in between the weight sizes we offer, we recommend getting the lighter blanket.

What if I want to buy a custom weight and size combo?

Need help finding the right match for you? Please contact us to place a custom order and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs. We can offer varied combinations of weights and sizes as well as some custom sizes.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time will vary from item to item. Our eco-conscious products are part of the slow-fashion industry and are each handmade to order.


Crystal Eye Masks take about 2 weeks to deliver.
Vanilla Cover weighted blankets & Coverless weighted blankets take about 2 weeks deliver.
Plant-dyed duvet covers take 4 weeks delivery or less.

In Bali:

Crystal Eye Masks will deliver within 1 week if in stock, 2 weeks if out of stock.
Vanilla Cover weighted blankets & Coverless weighted blankets will take about 1 week to deliver.
Plant-dyed duvet covers take about 2 weeks delivery.

What is your return policy?

We strive to guarantee customer satisfaction, so we accept returns on blankets that are shipped back in their purchased condition within 1 week after its delivery, at the customer's expense of shipping. Custom orders cannot be returned. 

Do weighted blankets work for everyone?

Weighted blankets are a calming tool, and so they can be used for anyone. Some people may not like to use them all the time. We do not recommend using weighted blankets on children under the age of 3. 

How do I wash my blanket?

Our duvet covers are machine-washable, cold on a gentle cycle and should be line dried. The plant-dyed duvet covers should be washed with a pH neutral, eco-soap as this will preserve the naturally-dyed colors for longer. Hand-washing these covers is ideal.

All inner heavy blankets should be hand-washed or spot cleaned only. Do not machine wash them. 

Why does my blanket have color variations?

Due to our handmade plant-dying and batik processes, each blanket will vary in color and design slightly. This is part of the natural dye process and the beauty of working with elements from nature as well as handwork that gives our products a more original look rather than a generic one.