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Who is Earth Blankets?


"Earth Blankets was launched in December 2017 in order to supply weighted blankets to the families of children struggling with Sensory Processing Disorder, autism as well as other cases. I was interning at a holistic child therapy center under an Occupational Therapist who used weighted blankets in her clinic. She taught me how they worked and why they were so beneficial for clients. The issue was that she couldn't find weighted blankets that were produced with natural elements for those sensitive to synthetic products. The idea was birthed to produce a line of naturally sourced weighted blankets at my family’s clothing factory in Bali. We started producing in small batches and have slowly grown to a wider clientele that also includes adults seeking self-regulation tools. In 2019, we proudly launched our first plant-dyed blankets made of 100% organic cotton as part of our ever-growing commitment to sustainable manufacturing for a cleaner Earth.”


We offer courses and individual sessions on self-regulation, emotional awareness and mindfulness practices for children, teachers, parents and adults. Contact us for more information. 




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